Saturday, August 18, 2012

influence, affluence, corruption and social spirit

Corruption and bribery. A rebel take on how to "fight" it.

Try to be aligned with the socio-economic-cultural perspective from where such a need arises.

Overthrow concepts of 'fixed cost' and 'justifiable cost' or 'worth' of a transaction. Value people more than money. Expect them to be and treat them as if. When work is performed up to competent levels, proactively give a post-bribe like a gift, from the heart, once the work is done.When asked for money, give more money than is demanded, and give it openly as a respectful gift, not under the table.

Influence and affluence should be contagious. Let us tip the balance wherever possible and intuitively appropriate.

Do not resign yourself to just feeling bad, angry, or putting yourself in a quandary in mind and spirit, or engaging in uncontrolled temporary physical action - when asked for a bribe. Go deep and hit at the real root.

The root of the word corrupt is from the latin word for "to destroy, to spoil, to break". com- + pp. stem of rumpere - to break, as in rupture. Actively prevent the spoiling or destruction of the spirit of social transaction and relationship, by a person ignorant of its sanctity. Have a grin on your face, surprise the bribee and maybe allow the goodness in him to have space to surface.

As a gandhian model - when slapped on your cheek, turn the other one.
When asked for some notes from your pocket, whip out your cheque book!
I thought this was only a Gandhian concept, but it is also there in the bible (Matthew 5:38 to 5:42) among other places -

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