Sunday, June 17, 2012

flowers, petals and why in heavens name do I have to study and do homework - part 1

I had a thought today morning that I would like to share ... in school subjects such as maths, science, history, geography, sports, crafts etc are taught. What I used to think are the subjects, are actually "objects". (Think grammar - objects) The real subjects are present within the individuals. (in + divi + duals = advaita, indivisible seers, whereas the subject<->object pairs are the divi-duals) The in|dividual is the core of the flower and the (subject-object) pairs, the 'dividuals', are like petals radiating from from the core.

These flowers are present at each chakra ( which is why they are shown as flowers in images - It is typical for chakras to be depicted as either flower-like or wheel-like. In the former case, "petals" are shown around the perimeter of a circle - wikipedia link) So there are millions of subject+object pairs present at each level of a person.

What is being developed is the capacity to perceive and play with the "objects". The SUBJECTS (actually present INSIDE the children) must not be taught, they must be cultivated and allowed to generate seeds that will blossom into trees that will grow and flower beyond the dreams of the teacher.

Homework, studies ... are NOT necessary at all. (whew ... sense of relief after 34 years of trying to figure out why they were trying to make me study in school. In the last year of engineering school, my view was that the sole aim of education was to enable an individual to focus his desire and attention to a laser sharp point so that anything may be perceived clearly, any goal may be achieved ... aah youth ;-) er .. not that I consider Aalhad Saraf to be old just yet)

So homework and study are not -necessary- after all .. they are just an indication of the blossoming of flowers. You generally cannot stretch petals out for those flowers to bloom faster.

Before the objects of the world start attracting the subjects, it would help a flower be happy if it only -KNEW- that a flower is what it itself is and a flowering is what the process is (and I may now be talking about what I do not really understand yet - but THIS knowing is samadhi and yoga.)

I had this fervent desire that all students become yogis before they are exposed to the objects of the world, especially the senses.  For the core to become stable before engagement with the world begins.

And this is easiest achieved by flowers who already know they are flowers - children when they are young and small know it - and the grandmoms and granddads know it - after experience and when they reach their second childhood. So perhaps when the younger flowers are let be with the older flowers, this knowledge can be communicated (hint: the language used is not verbal or written), reinforced and maintained intact while later in life, the subject-object drama unfolds.

Usual caveat lector applies.

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