Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On speech

From Miquelrius journal - Oct 25, 2006

How long before I reach a state where every word I utter, can be construed as not being harmful to anyone. For instance: If I am speaking about something I desire or something desirable that I have acquired, people who don't have it may be hurt. If I tell someone what ought to be done - if they are incapable of doing it, they may be hurt. If they are not amicably related, they might even want to hurt me... even a thought of doing so should not be provoked in their minds.

I must learn, neither to praise anyone, nor blame anyone, or compare anyone or anything using speech, for I have no control over the impressions and reactions it will form and cause in the consciousness of the listeners.

A key virtue to have with respect to speech is the ability to only speak when necessary, for right action to occur in a manner such that it causes alignment among all listeners. This stretches the limit of not only expertise with language, but one's control over personal and collective consciousness.