Sunday, September 04, 2011

to the (most probably very very few) readers of this log

I have not been writing much.

I am obsessed with that, which I believe I do not possess.

(I have been obsessed with creation, timelessness and seminality, systematically eliminating the time-bound and trivial.)

I experience that, which I believe is not a part of my being.

I know that, which I believe I have no experience of.

I express that, which I believe I have still some doubt about. (this reminds me of a sentence in ZATAOMM (zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance - R. Pirsig -- "No one is running around yelling that the sun is going to rise today! " To express something fanatically, there -must- be an element of doubt. )

I talk about that, which I believe I do not entirely know.

I have found myself talking too much, and have started noticing sometimes that it reminds me faintly of my ignorance.

Hence the desire to integrate - being, possesion, knowledge, experience, intent, desire, meaning, and finally expression. 

All this is perhaps just a play of words.

Perhaps ... hence the silence

Saturday, September 03, 2011

A million new romances

If I am alone, and must be a part of this world
I will become the sun
and I will marry the earth
I'll love every single one
person, animal and thing,
caressing them with my rays
impregnating them with my vitality
creating new life
with just a few glances,
every day - a million new romances.
 - yearning, from miquelrius journal late 2007