Tuesday, January 10, 2006

another post for engineers in the making - why should a geek be interested in the money stuff

this is some stuff from a mail to a good old friend telling her about why I wanted to study financial analysis -

Wed, 29 Oct 2003 18:28:20
Sometime  earlier this year I learnt a few
interesting things ...
1. A good engineer lives with the belief that he need
not bother about money for as long as does really
cool, world class stuff.
2. He believes that the money will just come.
3. :-) It does come.
4. But -because- the engineer does
not know what to do with it when it comes ...
other than spending it on the small good things in
life ... it goes away as well.
5. An engineer comes out of school with the belief
that 'capital' is basically the same thing as
'what is inside one's grey matter' and that
capital will continue giving him 'income' as long
as he uses it.
6. That is a really really stupid idea ... unless
you want to let the world -force- you to keep
doing the things you do right now -just- to fill your stomach all
your life. paycheck to paycheck. some wage hike to
wage hike.
7. The engineer is not trained to -or
is almost *blind* - to the idea of treating money as
capital. :-)
simple stuff ... for one who can work on writing an optimizing compiler won't find it -difficult-
to understand finance, simple - but necessary nevertheless. :)