Friday, November 28, 2008

Who's the beggar?

There was a discussion somewhere some months ago about beggars ....

here is some ugly hip hop I made up ;) .....

The world is a perpetual beggar.
the stomach when fed,
does not stop,
nor do the ears, the eyes or that
mind on top
MORE MORE MORE till the fella goes POP
reached a high, beg for a taller ladder, don't DROP
have enough, want more,
got it, then store!
work for love? that's a bore.
you're POOR, you beggar
salary raise, more money, more marks
you're not just any beggar
okay don't be sore,
but ... you... you don't just beg,
you whore.

not pretty. but the next time you see a beggar on the street look at yourself carefully to see how much of your own self, mind and body constantly begs for more. And who is the greater beggar.

Yeah, this was about the time when I used to really dislike words then.
Because they can be used to any effect. (Law and Lawyers)
However they are very, very bad at modeling reality.

1 comment:

I Have Something To Say - Kahi Bolayache Aahe said...

not pretty? man..i cant even rhyme word and u made a beautiful poem..that has a meaning..and not just words. :)

i m sure u must have a collection of poems..or if not u shd have one.