Friday, June 10, 2005

now studying ...

What am I doing right now?
I am currently a student of financial analysis, ethics, aesthetics, French and photography.
Currently reading about - the use of CSS in web design.
Beginning exploration of human computer interaction, social networks and social network analysis.

Why am I doing these things?
  • Financial Analysis - for an understanding of the 'economic behavior' of people, societies and organizations.
  • French - (and other languages, and etymology) to satisfy curiosity about how languages used by humans to program others are - and have evolved.
  • Photography - for an understanding of how a visual medium may 'program' a human being.
  • Aesthetics - for a deeper understanding of the theory of a visual programming language like photography, painting or architecture.
  • Ethics - for an exploration of how have various people tried to answer the question of 'what is good and what is bad' - interest derived from all the above.
  • CSS - for this is something that I have missed out by being away from web programming for 5 years.
  • HCI - for this is the face of technology visible to the world at large. If, and wherever, I can improve it, I must.
  • Social Networking - to try applying ideas obtained from all the above fields and things studied earlier to a field of active research.

Each of these give me specific and general insights related to what I do everyday.
I hope to share as many of these as I can.

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